The Vintage (e-Version) is a classic and stylish retro will get the peoples attention. Brown tyres and a large optional vintage basket completes the picture.This model is the electrical version with an integrated electric motor which can  be used for propulsion.

• The steering wheel (different steerings available) is adjustable in height and angle
• V-brakes at the front or an optional disc brake for the rear wheels
• Lowered frame for easy mounting/dismounting
• Saddle adjustable in height
• Big metal transport tray at the rear
• Optional vintage basket

Upholstery Color(s)
Frame Color(s)
*Options and features may differ according to your country. Subject to technical changes.
2219E (Vintage)

06 Fixed - 01 Free cycling - 02 Torpedo brake.jpg
Free pinion (01+B1)

06 Fixed - 01 Free cycling - 02 Torpedo brake.jpg
Torpedo brake (02)

03 - 07 - 3-7 gears.jpg
3 gears (03)

03 - 07 - 3-7 gears.jpg
7 gears (07)

06 Fixed - 01 Free cycling - 02 Torpedo brake.jpg
Fixed pinion (06)

23 - Differential both wheels.jpg
Differential (23)

B1 - Disc brake rear wheel.jpg
Disc brake rear wheel (B1)

E-tricycle - detail batterybox - rearview.jpg
Battery pack (BAT9-13)

D1 - Lock for handlebar.jpg
Steering lock (D1)

E1 SM - Pushing handle.jpg
Push bar - medium (E1)

E2 - front light.jpg
Front / Rear light (E2)

E3 - Speedmeter.jpg
Speedometer (E3)

E4 - Vintage Basket.jpg
Vintage basket (E4)

E5 Lockable topcase.jpg
Topcase (E5)

E6 - Crutch holder.jpg
Crutch holder (E6)

E7 - Drink holder.jpg
Can holder (E7) - Can not included

E8 - Mirror.jpg
Mirror (E8)

E9 - Handstrap.jpg
Hand straps (E9)

E10 S M - Handholder with straps2.jpg
Hand holder with Velcro straps - medium/large (E10)

E11 - Closed handholder with Velcro.jpg
Closed hand holder (E11)

E12 - Comfort saddle.jpg
Comfort saddle (E12)

E13 - hometrainer closeup.jpg
Hometrainer (E13-D)

Shopping basket.jpg
Front shopping basket (E14)

F1 - Pedal with strap.jpg
Pedals with foot strap (F1)

F2 - Pedals with toes clip & strap.jpg
Pedals with feet and toe strap (F2)

F3  S M L - Footsupport with straps.jpg
Foot support with Velcro - medium/large (F3)

F4 - Foot support with Velco straps & ankle support.jpg
Foot support + ankle holder (F4)

F5 - Pedals adjustable in length.jpg
Adjustable pedal (F5)

P1 pelvic support.jpg
Pelvic support - medium/large (P1)

P2 back support.jpg
Back support - medium/large (P2)

P3 pelvic support+back support.jpg
Back and Pelvic support - medium/large (P3)

P4 S M - Adjustable saddle.jpg
Depth adjustable saddle - medium (P4)

P5 - Saddle tube with shock absorber.jpg
Saddle with tube suspension (P5)

S5 - Adjustable steering bracket.jpg
Adjustable steering bracket (S5)


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