Lightweight adaptable powered wheelchair

Verso is versatile and agile powered wheelchair. Its lightweight design makes it a perfect wheelchair for users on the move who would like to extend their mobility without compromising on comfort. Thanks to our extensive expertise in options, Verso offers its user a remarkable adaptability. Crafted by merging the durability of a manual wheelchair frame with the advanced features of two motorized rear wheels, Verso is a perfect choice for a comfortable, lightweight powered wheelchair. The lithium battery can be removed for easy charging to enhance convenience in your daily use.

The standard package

  • Removable and adjustable armrests.
  • Height adjustable push handles – 5 positions.
  • Height adjustable backrest with 4 straps for tension adjustment.
  • Removable lithium battery, equipped with safety lock.
  • Adjustable seat depth 
  • Fold away and removable footrest, adjustable in length.
  • Breathable 3D NET cushion upholstery.

6 km/h - With 6km/h Verso allows you to drive at the perfect speed for comfortable conversation and walks with your friends and family.
Up to 20 km - Experience an extended driving range with the 17.5 Ah battery. Select the removable battery that suits your longing for an escape.

Easy to use
Simple, yet perfect. Verso has it all. Dismount your wheelchair in a few seconds. All parts are easy to carry and not too heavy for easy transport in a car. Assembly is easy with our Click&Drive system. No tools needed, just connect your battery and you’re ready to drive! Thanks to our removable battery, you can charge your chair whenever and wherever you like.

Easy to travel and highly configurable
A unique feature for Verso is the detachable motor and battery block. Detach your wheelchair from its battery and wheel block to allow for easy storage and transport. Both the frame and the “powered part” of Verso have an additional wheel to make sure no parts can be damaged by detaching. They also allow for easy manoeuvring. The seat can easily be folded like you would any of our other top-selling manual wheelchairs. Perfect for transport in the booth of the car or for storage in your home.
Adapt your Verso to you. Verso is a highly configurable chair which combines the large and extensive option range from VERMEIREN and our expertise in powered wheelchairs. Choose whatever suits you best!

Convert Verso into a manual wheelchair with our 24” wheel kit you can easily change between manual or powered driving. Plug and drive!


Upholstery Color(s)
Frame Color(s)
*Options and features may differ according to your country. Subject to technical changes.



















6 km/h

12,8 Ah

17,5 Ah

15 km

21 km

2 x 200W



1901930 - B66 LI HEMI Gootvormige ArmLegger Inovys - 3Q view.jpg

B66M - Hemiplegic armrest.jpg

B66ML - Hemiplegic armrest.jpg

B66MA - Left - Hemiplegic armrest.jpg

B66MAL - Left - Hemiplegic armrest.jpg

BK6 D200.jpg

BZ7 V-D series.jpg

L34 - Preshaped back.jpg

L35 - Preshaped seat.jpg

L14 soft - 708 models.jpg

L55 - Soft - Manual wheelchair..jpg

L58C - Soft - manual wheelchair.jpg

L58 - headrest.jpg

B20 safety belt.jpg

V-series shoppingbag.jpg

B52 serum holder02.jpg

LO4TL - Lateral trunk supports -  Large - 3Q view.jpg

LO4TS - Lateral trunk supports - Small - 3Q view.jpg

B24DL - Seat cushion V300 DL.jpg


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